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Mock-up user trials

User trials are another fundamental tool for us at Davis Associates.  User trials can be conducted whenever there is suitable stimulus material for users to try-out, including existing products, systems or services or pre-production prototypes.  But user trials are also extremely effective as a re-iterative part of the design process from the earliest stages.  This typically involves the use of mock-ups.   
At Davis Associates we have something of a reputation for running mock-up based user trials.  We are very experienced at specifying mock-ups of everything from handles to aircraft interiors.  Mock-ups can be simple and low-cost but we ensure they are sufficiently representative in the essential attributes to enable reliable insights to be gained from the user trials.  The trials don't only assess design options, they also give insights about user behaviour and interaction that can be used to inform subsequent design decisions.  
As the design process continues, the mock-ups get increasingly representative of the design intent.  Having solved all the basic issues earlier in the process, later mock-up user trials typically result in minor design refinement rather than major re-working.  
We offer expertise in all aspects of trial design and management:
  • Experimental design including specification of dependent and independent variables
  • Specification and procurement of mock-ups
  • Recruitment of appropriate trial participants
  • Experimental procedure, scripts and trial logistics
  • Data capture and analysis, including video analysis
  • Post-trial qualitative interviews and questionnaires
  • Analysis and reporting



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