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Usability testing

Usability testing is a fundamental tool for us.  It evaluates the efficiency, effectiveness and satisfaction afforded by your product, system or service. Testing is performed under controlled experimental conditions and produces empirical evidence to inform design development.  

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We apply usability testing throughout the design process, starting very early with simple mock-ups or rapid prototypes.  It is far more cost effective to conduct multiple rounds of testing with small samples of users, than it is to do one large test towards the end of the process. 
Key parameters measured in usability testing are:
  • Effectiveness - Can the user achieve the desired goals?  Do they need assistance? 
  • Efficiency -  Time-on-task?  How many steps?  How many errors?
  • Recall - How much does the participant remember afterwards or after periods of non-use?
  • Emotional responses - How does the participant feel about the experience? Is the participant confident, stressed?

Our usability tests involve various data collection and analysis techniques, such as think-aloud protocols and eye tracking.  We analyse the findings and interpret them into tangible design recommendations.  



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