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Ergonomics and human factors

Ergonomics is “the scientific discipline concerned with the understanding of the interactions among humans and other elements of a system, and the profession that applies theoretical principles, data and methods to design in order to optimize human well being and overall system performance.” according to The International Ergonomics Association, IEA.  
Ergonomists are trained in psychology, physiology and anatomy, as well scientific methodology, and are equipped to research any cognitive, emotional and biomechanical interface between a person and the products, services, systems and environment they encounter.  And to avoid doubt, the term "human factors" is synonymous with ergonomics, despite some people perceiving a difference. 
The Davis Associates team includes qualified ergonomists.  We use scientific research methods and data resources to design our studies and inform the user requirements for our clients’ projects. This means the methods we use are established, peer-reviewed and rigorous, providing you with a sound basis for the key decisions in your design process. 
Davis Associates' ergonomists have contributed to the planning, design and evaluation of products, services, interactive systems, tasks, operational concepts and environments.  The results are compatible with the needs, abilities and limitations of the users.