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Focus group
Interviewing participants after a user trial and recording their first impressions.

Simulation of train driver display
Davis Associates produced a train driver display simulator to test design concepts for Bombarider Transportation UK as part of the London Underground Victoria Line Upgrade programme.

How we do it

We research and engage with end users and apply human science knowledge.  We have over 300 user research methods and tools at our fingertips and we can explain which will be the most cost-effective for your project.  
Our techniques include both quantitative and qualitative analyses and are drawn from a wide range of disciplines including: ergonomics, experimental psychology, biomechanics, anthropology and operational research.  Many involve engagement with users but some do not.  Below is one of the breakdowns used in our typology of methods:

Contextual research, Ethnographic techniques
 Watch   Behavioural analysis, Experience prototyping
 Measure Anthropometric analysis, Usability testing
 Listen   Complaint logs, Video diaries
 Ask   Interviews, Semantic differentials
 Empathise  Personas, Empathic tools 
 Map Cognitive mapping, Task analysis
 Assess   Heuristic assessment, Mock-up user trials
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