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Airbus A380

Davis Associates helped design safe and efficient staircase designs for the Airbus A380 by user testing various iterations on purpose built mock-ups.

The staircases joining the two decks of the A380 were designed for passenger safety, with suitable tread designs and handrails to minimise the risk of falls, even during air turbulence.   In addition, they were also designed for operational efficiency, enabling acceptable turn-around time at airports where there is no direct air-bridge to the upper deck.   Cabin crew tasks and positioning was also investigated.

Our experience of designing and running large-scale user trials ensured that data from our passenger flow analysis could also be input to Airbus' cabin simulation software.

As well as general flow analysis, the specific needs of families with small children, older passengers, and those with sensory and physical disabilities were investigated in a series of focus group sessions in the mock-ups.



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Persons during user trial at door to mock-up of airplane

Mock-up of internal stairs on A380