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Experience prototyping

Just like rapid prototyping of physical objects or software interfaces, we create stimulus material that enables users to experience a new product, system or service well before it exists in reality.  We call this experience prototyping and it is an extremely powerful tool in gaining user insights early in the design process.
We typically use screen-based interactive simulations, sometimes with mock-up hardware and environments, to enable participants to move through virtual environments and interact with products, systems and services.  All user touch points are represented as far as possible so that participants can feel immersed in the future user experience.    
Despite the limitations of virtual reality, user insights gained from rapid experience prototyping are extremely revealing and inform service propositions and design decisions. 
Output can include:
  • Qualitative feedback about the user experience
  • Reliable interaction timings
  • Insights as to the best sequences of information presentation
  • Assessment of comprehensibility
  • Identification of user errors and the reasons for them 
  • Identification of new opportunities to improve the design and delight the user



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