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Whether you need user insights to inspire a new design project, or whether you already have a prototype to evaluate, whatever stage you are at, we can deliver the benefits of user-centred design to your process.

Photo of post-its stuck to brown paper resulting from a workshop
Davis Associates runs management workshops to help clients apply user-centred design within their businesses.

Where we fit

Greatest return on investment comes from considering user insights from the very beginning, and throughout the design process.  

Early in the process we can help discover new opportunities and help define the design brief.
On-going ergonomics advice and re-iterative user testing helps inform decisions during design development, through to final specification.  A usability problem can be corrected more quickly and at far less cost, if it is identified at the development stage rather than the delivery stage.  

This is the basis of a truly re-iterative, user-centred design process; continually considering the fit between the design and the needs and capabilities of the users. 

Below, we've used a generic four-stage design process to show the benefits we can deliver at each stage.

The Design Council's 4 stage process: Discover, define, develop, deliver


  • Ethnography
  • Behaviour observation
  • Video Diaries
  • Cognitive maps



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