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Heathrow pod

Davis Associates helped create an exciting and efficient passenger experience for Heathrow airport's new personal rapid transit (PRT) system. 

Our user insights research around Heathrow helped define a wide diversity of passengers' functional and emotional needs and these were embodied into a series of personas: stereotypical passengers.   The personas, together with specific operational and ergonomics requirements, helped shape the business proposition and the design brief. 

Every touchpoint has been carefully designed to provide a stress-free user experience, including clear wayfinding information, easy to use touchscreens, accessible vehicles and responsive assistance if required. 

Davis Associates contributed to the design of stations, vehicles, service design and the control room systems.  As part of the re-iterative design process we devised and conducted a series of passenger trials, initially on static mock-ups, then on interactive simulations of the end-to-end journey experience, and finally on the real system prior to opening.   These various empirical tests provided invaluable feedback which informed design decisions and provided assurance evidence. 

The system went into service in August 2011.



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“We have found Davis Associates insightful, professional and informed views of passenger behaviour invaluable in developing our new transport system (PRT). Without them we would be a lot less confident about receiving positive passenger feedback and the system being a success”
David Holdcroft, BAA