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Airport washrooms

Davis Associates helped BAA create exciting new washrooms that better meet passengers' functional and emotional needs as well as being easy to clean and maintain.

By discretely observing passenger and staff behaviour, we revealed a range of user insights which offered opportunities for innovation and improvement within the washroom facilities. Basic ergonomics issues were investigated and resolved by user trials on adjustable test rigs of basins, cubicles, urinals, make-up areas, etc.

We produced a user needs specification and assisted BAA to select a suitable design agency to take the design forward. Mock-ups were produced of three design concepts and Davis Associates performed qualitative assessments with a specially recruited sample of airport users.

With further refinements incorporated, the end results are a dramatic improvement over previous installations. They include features such as shelves above urinals, bespoke basins with a hand drier at every position, improved lighting and significantly more durable and easy to clean surfaces and finishes.



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