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Gaining real insights into your users and their needs is vital to the success or failure of a new product or system.  Insights come from discussion, task analysis, behavioural observation, etc.

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Users' improvised solutions can reveal innovation opportunities

What are user insights?

User insights are precious and powerful.  They inspire innovation and inform design decisions.  They enable you to understand the true functional and emotional needs of your users. 
User insights can be extremely diverse; everything from anthropometric data to the texting habits of the over-seventies. These insights provide greater understanding of what influences your users’ behaviour and emotional responses. 

We interpret these findings into tangible design requirements that deliver:
  • Demonstrably better design solutions—that are safe, more usable and more desirable 
  • Reduced project risk—avoiding costly re-working and reducing time to market 

Find out where user insights fit in to the design process.



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