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User experience

The International Standards Organisation define user experience as:
“...a person's perceptions and responses that result from the use or anticipated use of a product, system or service” (ISO 9241-210) 
The user's experience of a product, system or service is an holistic emotional response.  Any or all of its user-facing attributes (or "touch points") can be influential.  But those same touch points can evoke different experiences for different individuals, depending upon the individual's knowledge, previous experiences, physical attributes, abilities, expectations, values and sociocultural background.
Davis Associates can help you affect the required user experiences by providing essential user insights, advising on the design of touch points and by re-iteratively testing design concepts with users.  
As well as getting the usability and ergonomics right, Davis Associates’ techniques identify and track the users’ emotional responses, and the causal factors.  This evidence provides assurance that the designs will have the desired positive impact on your users’ emotional reactions, whether at momentary points during use; within a single episode or event; or through the users' long-term relationship with your brand.



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